Updated: May 26, 2020

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2. Company Introduction HDT is committed to ultimately improving human quality of life, with the goal of growing into a global enterprise for X-ray devices. Based on the concept of INNOVATION FOR HUMAN WELFARE, we will continue to study new technologies with an honest mind, right behavior, and careful attitude.

We intend to contribute to the growth of the X-ray imaging industry through continuous technology development and human-centered management. Even if we are faced with challenges like sailing boats in the wind, the power to overcome them is in the passion of our employees and our executives. With this passion, we will work harder to establish ourselves in the global market as well as in Korea.

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5. Contact Information Contact person : Kim Yangeon

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Tel : +82) 10-4937-0752

Office : 29, Uchi-ro 880beongil, Buk-gu Gwang-ju, South Korea

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