Updated: May 26, 2020

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2. Company Introduction "Han" means Korean i.e. Hanguk which means Nation of Korea. Mandoo (or mandu) is the Korean word for dumpling. So "hanmandoo" literally means Korean dumplings. These dumplings from the 14th century are slightly different than the wontons of China or gyoza of Japan. They are normally steamed or boiled in soups and made with pork, leek (cousin of the green onion), and sometimes kimchi. Traditionally, there are more than 12 different general types of mandu and mostly eaten on Korean (Lunar) New Years Day.

At Hanmandoo, we believe that any responsible organization must give back to the communities that helped it grow. We have been bestowed a reputation throughout Korea as a company that helps the underprivileged such as orphans and the homeless in addition to funding missions to such as North Korea. Hanmandoo has received numerous awards for excellence in safety, cleanliness, supporting and recruiting women in the workplace, and consumer satisfaction from various organizations and agencies.

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5. Contact Information Contact person : Kim Sungguk

Email : Tel : +82) 10-8027-4620 Office : 63 Geurugogaero 371-gil Yangju, Gyeonggi-do

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