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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

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2. Company Introduction RAS-ONE is a unique brand of lead-free radiation shielding materials. Shielding sheet is uniformly mixed and dispersed with metal powder composed of ultrafine particles with excellent radiation shielding properties and base resin with excellent chemical bonding. It is composed of single layer. Shielding effect is also clear with a single layer of material.

It has a very thin, light weight and excellent flexibility property by special manufacturing method. Also, since it is lead-free, it is environment-friendly and does not crack and has excellent durability.

RAS-ONE is designed to meet customer’s requirements for use in various fields such as X-ray scanner used in airport security and food, radiation protection for nuclear power plant, defense, industrial and medical fields.

RAS-ONEproducts are not only certified by USA FDA, CE, but also qualified by international standard IEC / EN 61331-1, 3 (2014) test. It is a high-quality premium patented product that has passed the various durability test such as tensile & tearing strength

It is designed with various thicknesses from 0.5mm to 2.0mm, and It can be used with different lead equivalents according to usage environment and usage

Major Features of Product as follows

- Completely Lead-Free Product

- Excellent Shielding Performance

- Competitive Price

- Thinner & Lighter

- Excellent Durability and Flexibility

- Crack does not occur easily. (No Crack)

- Water washing is possible.

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